UBSEDS9 was our first superpressure HAB to use solar panels for recharging the battery during daylight hours. It floated at an altitude of 10.3 km (34,000 ft) and was tracked for 6,800 km. The flight used a v0.98.0 pico tracker.


The mission was a great success: We managed to verify that our APRS transmitter worked. This was demonstrated in international waters north of Norway. Also the solar panels worked well at generating energy during daylight hours. The balloon was tracked to the furthest distance compared to all previous flights (see flight path below). The balloon initially headed south into France, then curved up through mainland Europe and past Norway into the Arctic Circle and beyond. Fours days later, the balloon re-emerged over Siberia. This mission was also successful as it demonstrated that the solar panel was capable of recharging and bringing back to life the battery that had gone flat overnight.

The Lithium Polymer battery we used did not retain any charge in the very cold stratosphere. On future flights we plan to experiment with different battery types that are capable of storing more energy.



  • Total distance traveled: 6808.4km
  • Great circle distance: 4601.2km
  • Maximum altitude: 10.4km
  • Countries passed through: gb fr de fr de se false ru



Thank you to all listeners who tracked this flight!

Callsign Telemetry Lines Received Longest Path
F5APQ fr 332 300.4km
ON3LA be 304 184.8km
G8DHE gb 297 236.5km
G8FJG_v gb 199 297.3km
SWL014 fr 178 334.5km
F59665 fr 156 333.5km
F4FWT fr 155 199.2km
F0ERP fr 145 357.0km
G6GZH gb 138 356.0km
F0EQE fr 126 222.8km
G8KNN gb 119 327.5km
ON5LT be 76 293.0km
G8FJG_h gb 61 284.7km
G4AIU gb 60 114.5km
0x17 gb 49 234.0km
PE2G nl 46 366.2km
M0SBU gb 42 113.3km
Tom de 39 282.8km
F5MVO fr 38 78.1km
SP3MCY pl 35 327.8km
F4GYW fr 34 170.5km
G1DYQ gb 30 187.6km
G4BWR gb 14 88.8km
PE1CME nl 8 316.1km
SA6BSS se 8 966.8km
M0ZBU gb 6 170.9km
PE1ANS 2 321.9km
r00t cz 1 250.0km